Fin 370 Week 4 Answers Essay

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In most companies there is a set of formulas that enhance the productivity in the workplace. Formulation styles continue to maintain efficiency and allow employees to fix mistakes by following a formulation, which means to devise or invent a plan for collecting and utilizing data to ensure employees work out problems correctly ("Med Conditions", 2011). The members of Learning Team B range from bankers, furniture retailers, and corrugated packaging specialists who use formulation styles to help their companies. Courtney’s company Bank of America uses a Six Sigma process output program that identifies process gaps in the company, and minimizes variables in manufacturing and business processes. Veronica works for a banking institution called ANZ Guam, Inc, which is a similar company to Courtney. Veronica’s banking institution does not use a formulation style; however, they believe in the who, what, why, and how style. This process finds the problem, analyzes the situation, and decides who or what is to blame and why. Robert works in a corrugated packaging plant that dispenses paper products to different parts of the country. There biggest issue includes machinery and technology not working correctly so repair is a formula they use to continue running properly. Machines and computers are maintained by the company daily and new machinery continues to be instituted to keep up with technology. Finally, Tim works for Design Source Furniture where there most costly issue is receiving. Merchandise is forgotten, counted incorrectly, or missing so video surveillance was introduced as a formulation style. This allows the company to backtrack when something went wrong to see how it went wrong, and why. These formulation styles help Learning Team B’s companies to run smoothly and catch important mistakes. Without these formulas work would be chaotic. Med

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