Fin 370 Week 1 Ethics And Compliance Paper

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Ethics and Compliance FIN/370 December 16, 2013 Ethics and Compliance, Inc. a fortune 500 company opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995 in Seattle and it is founded by Jeff Bezos and today offers Earth’s biggest selection. seems to be the Earth’s most customer centric company. Customers can find just about anything that they want and they can purchase it online. offers its customers the lowest prices. among other sellers offers many of new, refurbished and used items to their customers. They offers everything from books, movies, music, games, electronics, computers and digital downloads at a low price to all their customers. maintains a full staff of programmers, editors and…show more content…
As individuals open saving accounts, they believe there money will be safely sitting around in a bank but unfortunately they are wrong. The money located in the savings account is used by other individuals who ask the bank for loans. When the loan is made, the bank draws money from all the savings accounts available. When it’s time for the loan to be paid off, the individual does not only pay the amount borrowed but also the interest rate charge on the loan. As of December 13, 2013 as stated in the inquirer, “the recent budget deal in the United States should calm global financial markets and allow investors to focus on performers like the Philippines” (Montecillo, 2013). This budget deal mainly focuses on eliminating the chance of a federal debt…show more content…
The return on equity for 2012 was at -1.81% compared to a 32% return on a wedding in 2011. ( Amazon had a downward trend on their return which could be an unhealthy position to be in if the trend continues into the year ending December 2013. Amazon did improve day’s receivable on average collection period. In 2012 days receivable was 81.2 days which was a decrease in time compared to 2011 for which day’s receivable was 87 days. As seen on the income statement by accounts receivable and annual credit sales Amazon was able to decrease the amount of days it took to collect on accounts receivable. The financial state of Amazon at this point of review, as some concerns with common stock outstanding, this led to the period in which the income statement shows a $-39 million dollar on net income. In 2012 sales did increase only due to more electronic transactions, new innovative Internet transactions and the rise in shipping costs, due to this there was a significant rise in prices of the products that Amazon sells. In 2013 Amazon must increase net income and retained earnings in order to continue to be a successful corporation.

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