Filter Bubble Essay

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Eli Pariser discussed how algorithms are changing the way information gets distributed on the internet. He compared information distribution to the early life of the newspaper in the sense that all kinds of information are need for the personal development of society, not just what the information they want. Pariser explains that we are not as connected as we believe we are to each other because we are all living in our own personal bubbles on the internet and we don’t get to choose what’s in that bubble. I personal agree with his talk, we need all kinds of information not just the ones we want, or the ones that the programing thinks we want. That was the whole founding idea of the internet; that we would get some food for thought from all over the world. If we only have the dessert of or wants we won’t get in intellectual nutrient. What’s the point of the internet if we a segregated from one another based on interests we didn’t even get to choose? Being put into private little bubble that are tailored to our own specific needs honestly sounds very inviting in the beginning but after more thought it seems confining and constricting. We cannot get anywhere if all that is in our bubbles are only things we want to hear about. It’s called the information super highway because it’s supposed to have the knowledge of the world in less than a couple of second. When the information we are getting however, is not all the options that we are entitled to because it doesn’t fit the criteria of what is in our bubble then we have a very serious issue. The new gatekeepers of our information need to be upgraded past comfort and sensibility or else we might as well go back to days of post being our only knowledge; for our information distribution is basically the same. Information is not truly correct if it has been altered to fit what the public or individual wants to hear. Only

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