Filt Vs Strek Case Analysis

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Attending a court is not what everyone expects to do because it is a place where people are suing or being sued, and they are divided into two sides: the plaintiff and the defendant. On November 09, 2010, I attended a small claim court case in Santa Clara; the address is 1095 Homestead Road Santa Clara, CA 95050. 7-10-SC-041298 was the case number which I attended. I will go into details about how the case started, ended, and some business law issues that related to what I have learned in this class. On November 09, 2010, I went to court in Santa Clara. I thought the court was a little small compared to the one I attended before. I couldn’t remember the exact location of that court; I went there because my step-mother got into a car accident; the defendant said my step-mother ran a red light, so their car hit her car…show more content…
Strek. This case was somewhat ridiculous to me, but I felt it was important to the case that I observed in court. Filt, the plaintiff, sued Strek, the defendant, for a bad baseball card that cost him $17,750. Briefly summary the case, Filt bought the card from Strek for $17,750. When Filt brought the card to some sport-card grading services, they all said the card had been refinished and trimmed. Strek tricked Filt into buying this card, but it was not an original card; this was clearly a fraud. The related issue that I noticed about this case and my project court case was the facts show that the defendant, Win Van Lines, Inc. lost or stole client’s expensive properties, but it refused to accept the fault. In both these cases, the defendant lost because they had committed fraud and crime. I agreed with the court’s decision that the defendants of both these cases should pay the plaintiff the exact amount of what they had lost. Moreover, I thought they should be in jail for what they have done. Justice needs to be enforced for those who commit illegal
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