Film Violence Is Good for You

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WHY I AM FOR FILM VIOLENCE Many films employ violence as a way to entertain their audiences. Quentin Tarantino's spagetthi western action masterpiece, Kill Bill, is one of them. The film stars Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo or the Bride, an assassin who abandons her squad known as the Deadly Vipers after finding out she is pregnant. The squad in question finds Beatrix at a wedding party and slaughters her friends and family. Bill is the leader of this gang and Beatrix's ex-lover who also participates in the killings. Kiddo, spending four years in a coma, subsequently starts a one-woman vendetta against her former boss and teammates. Kill Bill is notorious for its graphic depiction of violence and gore. Many scenes had to be colored black and white or else the amount of blood would have given the movie a NC-17 rating. Bodies are stabbed, sliced in half, decapitated or otherwise mutilated. Many people view the violence in this film as disturbing or desensitizing. While I certainly agree that the violence in action and horror movies with weak plots and character development is disturbing, desensitizing and unnecessarily overt, violence serves an important purpose as a storytelling tool in Kill Bill. The violence that the Bride endures at the hands of her colleagues at the wedding allows us to establish a connection with her as the good guy of the story and identify Bill and the rest of the Deadly Vipers as the bad guys. The hacking and slashing that the Bride doles out to her enemies functions as a cathartic experience for both her and the audience. We don't always see the villains in real life get their comeuppance, so we are able to get revenge vicariously through the characters we see on screen. The violence can also be interpreted as a form of Beatrix's empowerment, who is left vulnerable and weak after the attack on her life. The executions she gratuitously hands

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