Film Techniques Used In The Film Jaws

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The scene starts off with a ‘pan shot’ of the whole of the group on the beach. This shot is good as it also shows the group’s isolation. After the long pan shot the scene does a ‘straight cut’ to Chrissy on her own. This also enforces how she is isolated from the group. After this it cuts to a long pan shot of Chrissy and this boy chasing her along the sea front. This also helps to show the isolation in this film. The shot then cuts to Chrissy swimming in the water. The sun starts to rise and we see the first presence of yellow in the film. Yellow is important as in nature yellow is very hazardous, and any animal displaying yellow is often seen as dangerous. This is extremely important in the film because we learn that as the film goes on an increasing presence of yellow indicates that there is likely to be a shark attack. As the scene continues we start to see a camera moving through the water, which is…show more content…
Then quickly the shot changes back to the shark view. It is important that the shot changes more rapidly because it helps to build up tension and pace in the scene. This can also be noticed later on in the movie. The shot then straight cuts back to the shot of Chrissy. The fact that you cannot see any land behind her helps to show how she is isolated. The without warning you see Chrissy get pulled under water by the shark. She gets pulled around and dragged about by the shark. The music in this shot is very high paced. The scene the turns back to the boyfriend who can not hear her screams, because he has passed out. This also shows how isolated Chrissy is. The scene then finishes with Chrissy being pulled under the water, leaving a mess behind. This scene plays heavily on the fact that Chrissy is isolated from the rest of her group and so can’t be helped when she is being attacked by the shark. This is important, as it is present all the way through the

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