Film Techniques in Romeo and Juliet

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In the text ‘Romeo an Juliet’ directed by Baz Luhrmann several production techniques are used effectively. These are costumes, camera work and music. This essay will describe these effects and explain how these techniques are used effectively. Costumes are used effectively in the film “Romeo and Juliet’ to portray different characters. An example of this is at the Capulet ball where we see Romeo dressed as a chivalrous knight in shining armour, and this costume shows us his sense of chivalry and fair play. Juliet is dressed in an angels outfit and this shows us, the audience how innocent and Juliet is at this present time. Tybalt, however is dressed as the devil. This shows us his evil, violence loving personality and his hatred for the Montague family. The representation of these three characters in the film is effective because it clearly shows us the personality of each character at that particular time as well as showing us the theme that each character represents (Romeo and Juliet represent love and Tybalt represents violence and hate.) Camera work is used effectively in many scenes when it portrays the theme of haste. This is done through fast paced camera movement as it when the camera moves quickly from shot to shot we feel as if we are hurrying from one place to another. Another way where camera work is used effectively in the film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is to create tension and high dramatic irony. An example of this is in the final scene when we see alternating close ups of Romeo and Juliet. In these alternating close ups of Romeo and Juliet we see a shot of Juliet’s fingers moving. Camera work is effective her as high dramatic irony is created through this as we see Juliet waking up just as Romeo prepares to take his life. The camera work is effective in the film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as it creates haste (through fast camera shots) and tension (through
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