Film Summary: Devil's Playground By Lucy Walker

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Devil's Playground Summary: Devils Playground by Lucy Walker shows an Amish community and techniques to persuade the viewer to adopt attitudes and values that Walker has of the Amish. Documentaries not only present facts and versions of reality, they make comments on society, which are often used to influence personal perspective and opinion. The documentary, Devil's Playground produced by Lucy Walker uses the techniques of selection of omission, editing, music and sound and camera angles to bring attention to issues in our society revolving around the Amish community and their rumspringa rituals. Walker presents us with an observation of both the Amish society and the "English society" that the Amish teenagers experience with, this observation,…show more content…
The selection of omission of detail, anecdotes and dialogue are used to create a critique of the Amish teenagers and the society. The constant reference to small details like cluttered rooms and empty bottles presents the subject being critiqued as unorganised an completely ignorant towards any such hygiene or self-respect. This allows the viewer to perceive the subject as an antagonist and oppose opinions and actions carried out by the subject, thus altering the reader's personal perspectives towards teenagers, in particular Amish. The anecdotes incorporated into the documentary are used to exemplify the problems in Amish society, for example the use of drugs and under-age sex. These anecdotes accentuate the problems that the Amish have when they participate in rumspringa, they help create a version of reality which Walker wants the reader to believe is the solemn truth. The dialogue used includes many profanities and colloquial language which exemplifies the subject's relaxed lifestyle and cruised approach to life and its challenges. The use of shocking and confronting dialogue is carried out to challenge and dispute the viewer's personal perspective on the contrasting Amish and modern civilised societies. Editing is a powerful tool in the construction of an argument used to amend our personal

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