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Write an essay that analyses how Ron Howard uses film techniques to show the importance of family, love and friendship in the film “Cinderella Man”. What powers the simple determination for success are not the materialistic values of our persona, but the rewards that will be reaped in the benefit of those closest to us. It is this prioritisation of family and friends that is beautifully depicted in Ron Howards film “Cinderella Man” through the protagonist, James J. Braddock. Cinderella Man tells the story of a benevolent and philanthropic family man who during The Great Depression, rose from the impoverished American populace to become one of the greatest sporting heroes of all time. Analogous to fairy tales, the film is filled with abhorrent situations, and it is these struggles outside the ring that dominate the majority the film. He illustrated unwavering determination and courage throughout, which was not merely his own but the product of his tender love for his family and friends. The foundation of his commitment to succeed was in the consideration of his own family’s desires for a life free from the problems that circulated their run-down tenement. The passionate zeal of his wife’s support was the source of his power to execute his rise to success, and his close bond with his manager and long time friend created the opportunity for salvation. These themes created the man that defined the American spirit and established a courageous hero amid the largely faithless society of the Depression era. The conviction and loyalty of Braddock is manifested in potential to triumph, equipping him with the opportunity to alter the spirits of Americans and achieve his glorious outcomes. Manager Joe Gould sacrifices the majority of his small fortune to supply him with what is required to support his boxing career, and it was this faith in Braddock which lead to his

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