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Before taking the film study class I merely viewed watching a movie as entertainment. I saw the characters and the events taking place and followed the story line. I did not realize how much actually went in to a movie or how much each and every detail of the movie was planned out. I did not realize that we see exactly what the director wants us to see. Everything shown in a movie can evoke emotion, and that is the specific target of the directors. Different criteria for evaluating a film are used by different people. Some may evaluate a film according to technical achievement. A question one might ask when evaluating a film in such a way is “What inventive techniques are employed, and how impressive are the effects they create?” When you think about questions like these during a film it really enhances the way you see what is in front of you. This approach to film analysis focuses on the technical devises that the film makers use and the importance of these devices on the films impact. “In evaluating the film in this manner, we are more concerned with how the director communicated than with what he or she communicates or why.” (Joseph M Boggs, 2008) If your primaries focus when watching a movie is the actors or the performances and personalities of the actors then you will focus on the major actors in the film and their personalities. This is called the personality cult, when using this approach the actor is the most important part of the movie. People who use this technique judge the movie on the actor; The movie is seen as an embodiment of the actors talent. In The Art of Watching Films by Joseph M Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie, “Judged through this framework the best film is one in which the basic personality, acting style or personal idiosyncrasies of the leading actor in the cast are best projected.” (Joseph M Boggs, 2008) When a person focuses mainly on the

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