How the film 'Shrek' parodies the traditional fairytale

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How the film 'Shrek' parodies the traditional fairytale In 1994 Jeffrey Katzenberg left disney after a decade of service to the famous animation corporation "Walt Disney", after being denied his much anticipated promotion to second in command to Micheal Eisner. He then formed DreamWorks SKG; Spielsberg, Katzenberg, Geffen as Disneys rival animators. Dreamworks produced this animated film because it challenged the typically predictable fairytale story of “Walt Disney” productions. Dreamworks had to make a big movie so it could create an impact into the world of media like their rival company Walt Disney. They produced this type of animated film because it would appeal to a mass audience, ranging from the elderly, surprisingly entertaining the middle age adults and of course the children who are the main targeted audience. This was a risky step for Dreamworks, as not many have attempted this type of film, with the use of digital animation instead of the hand drawings which brings a modern appeal to children who are fascinated in visual effect, brings it up-to-date to modern society. They simply made this film because It refreshes the scene of animation, Walt Disney has been in the Hollywood light since 1923, no other company has dared to challenge the so called big shot of the film industry and “Dreamworks” knew if they released a film which everyone can enjoy and was different, they will be able to knock Walt Disney from the top. As Dreamworks have kept quite before Shrek was released, in that time they were able to learn from Walt Disneys past mistakes, such as; repetitive genres, unoriginality, predictability, and was able to capitalize on this. I believe these were some of the reasons why Dreamworks decided to produce Shrek. Dreamworks seems to manage to blend in everything that has to do with tales, with the structuring of the characters, their rolls, we

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