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Kids: Too explicit? Kids is a disturbing and explicit movie that is an accurate, however grotesque, expose of the modern city dwelling teenager. Featuring a cast of mostly new and young actors, it is amazing how true to life the actors play their characters. Also, considering that this was the first major acting experience for the two main actors, Leo Fitzpatrick and Justin Pierce, they portray their characters, Telly and Casper, very true to life. Larry Clark directed and wrote the film, it was also the first movie that he directed and wrote. The first scene of the movie features Telly telling an unnamed girl how much he loves her, how much he cares for her and how little sex for the first time will hurt. Flash forward a few minutes and they are fully engaged in sex; her moans of pain and his obvious disregard for his previous comforting words of ‘I’ll be gentle’ sets an appropriate stage for the rest of the movie. Afterwards, Telly meets up with his friend Casper and explains how amazing the sex was, how much bullshit he had to give her to get laid and how young she was, mentioning ‘I can tell she just hit puberty.’ After Telly’s morning pursuit they walk through the city on their way to buy some weed at central park. On the way they steal a Colt 45 from a corner store, do whippets at a friend’s house and almost beat a black man to death. On this journey Telly explains his obsession of having sex with virgins and his plans to bag another by the end of the night. Meanwhile, across town two girls are at Planned Parenthood getting tested for STDs. One, a promiscuous 17 year old who has had sex with ‘8 or 9 people’ receives a clean bill of health; whereas Jennie, Chloe Sevigny, who was a virgin before meeting Telly finds out she is HIV positive. With her new found knowledge she sets on a mission to find Telly in the hope that she can save another girl from

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