Film Review of Dear John

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Film Review of Dear John Dear John opens in Spring 2001 in a coastal South Carolina town, where John Tyree (Channing Tatum), an introverted Special Forces officer on leave, meets college student Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) while she visits friends during spring break. The two spend time together over a two-week period and quickly fall in love. John is scheduled to return to the army for a year-long tour and Savannah is to return to school, but John promises to stay in the US for good upon his return and they agree to correspond through writing letters in the meantime. Their plans change, predictably, with the events of the following September, which force John to stay abroad indefinitely and complicate their long-distance relationship. Dear John has many similarities with A Foreign Field. They have similar plots—first of all must be the long distance relationship between an ordinary girl and a soldier. In A Foreign Field, Ellen fell in love with Stephen--an English pilot, while in Dear John Savannah fell in love with John—an American soldier. They kept writing letters to each other to keep up their relationships. The stories of these two couples are similar. And at the end, both of Ellen and Savannah didn’t married Stephen or John. Though these two stories are set in different background, the story of A Foreign Field happened during the WW2, and the one of Dear John happened in 2003,after the 9/11 incident, the characters experienced the same—the boys were far away from home, missing their girlfriends and family. But wars are cruel—they never give chances to people to be mercy. Unfortunately, Stephen died in a bombing raid while John was badly wounded in Iraq. Secondly, the relationships of the boys with their father are similar too. Stephen lied about his age to join in regardless of his father’s oppose and John had a confliction with his father. But
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