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The Yankee Racers, The Rushmore Beekeepers, and The Max Fischer Players are just a few clubs at Rushmore Academy that Max Fischer, a struggling student, is a member of. The 1998 film Rushmore directed by Wes Anderson is a dark comedy about a sophomore named Max Fischer. The film stars first time actor Jason Schwartzman as Max, Bill Murray as depressed millionaire Herman Blume, Olivia Williams as intriguing elementary school teacher Rosemary Cross, as well as the usual Wes Anderson troupe. The story follows Max as he struggles to both stay in school and win over the heart of the widow and teacher Rosemary Cross. Anderson wanted a new and first time actor and real high school student to portray Max and he found that in Jason Schwartzman. It is here where Schwartzman starts his career as the lovable and misunderstood nerd who can also be seen in Slackers and I ♥Huckabees. Max Fischer is in almost every club in the school and even founded some of them. But his grades are lacking. At the beginning of the film Max is placed on what Dr. Guggenheim played by Brian Cox likes to call “sudden death academic probation”. But Fischer instead of focusing on school puts all of his efforts into wooing newly discovered elementary school teacher Rosemary Cross. After trying to build an aquarium at Rushmore to impress Ms. Cross, Max is expelled from school. He spends the rest of the film trying to fit in at his new school and find a girl. Herman Blume is millionaire industrialist with two twin sons who also attend Rushmore with Max. After hearing a speech by Blume Max wishes to befriend him and soon does. Their friendship becomes equally as interesting as the woman they both soon fall in love with. Rosemary Cross is the widow of a former Rushmore Academy, Edward Applebeee, student similar to Max. Max and Mr. Blume’s fight over the girl spirals out of control.

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