Film Noir - the Protagonist Essay

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Film Noir – The Protagonist Nicky Khilnani An Introduction to Film Noir To fully understand the characteristics of a particular component of ‘Film Noir’, it is essential that we also firstly understand the basis upon which ‘Film Noir’ was initially established as a genre within the Film Industry. ‘Film Noir’ isn’t really a genre of film on its own but merely a coined term literally meaning ‘Black Film’ or ‘Dark Film’ which refers to a class of Hollywood features produced between the 1940’s and 1950’s respectively, that were based particularly on Detective or Crime-related films. The genre of these films can easily be classed as Suspense films or Thrillers. They were introduced as feature films progressively during the 1940’s after the Second World War. Feature films produced in the USA only got a chance to spread to most of Europe after the mid 1940’s and after many war stories were exchanged between these European nations and the USA, films produced in America tended to have a darker side to them with cinematography and directory of the same being heavily influenced by themes incipient as death. They were then produced by the rest of the world during the 1960s, and are still produced by certain directors even today as Suspense Films/Thriller Films. These modern day productions obviously exclude the black-and-white effects of the classic movies but nevertheless, ‘Film Noir’ was mostly set by the tone and not the fact that they were black-and-white; though some see this as a ruination of the style. Hence the original classics that were produced when features were in black-and-white are referred to as ‘classic noir’ and the modern day films produced under the same style but in color, are referred to as ‘neo-noir’. The focus of these films were to induce a sense of suspense on the viewer aided of course, with certain effects created by the cinematographer to
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