Film Glossary Essay

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FILM GLOSSARYNote to reader – this is just meant as a starter in your film literacy and is not an exhaustive list. Do feel free to add your own definitions to things as you learn important terminology. Higher level achievement is partly shown through the correct use of terminology. | Audience - Target AudienceUsually films are aimed at a particular audience which is the target audience. (eg:-The target audience might be those of a certain age/ gender/ style tribe/income group. The industry decides who exactly is their target audience and what effect the film will have on that particular audience. All of the decisions the filmmaker makes will affect the story that you tell to the audience. When making or writing about film always consider the possible effect of the micro features on the audience. | Auteur This refers to the director. Some directors have an individual style or values which are found in all their films. eg Alfred Hitchcock, Ken Loach, Shane Meadows. | Cinematography There are all kinds of camera shots and the director of photography will choose them for all sorts of reasons. For example we are sometimes shown what is happening as if we are the main character – an eye witness view. A high angle shot may diminish the importance of a character as if we are looking down on them.Further Reading/ Watching - great comprehensive website look up Alfred Hitchcock and Film Riot on youtube. | CharacterisationThe development of the characters in the text. You learn about characters from what they say and do and how they respond to other characters and situations. You have to decide

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