Film Critique of Gift of Ageing

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Film Critique of The Gifts of Ageing The general premise for this film is to show how many elderly are living longer, very productive lives. We meet several interesting and varied individuals who have maintained healthy productive lifestyles, some well into their 80’s. The individuals we meet are interesting and present a varied range. I found several to be likable and found myself actually curious as to their thoughts and tips on aging. Some show us how even when dealing with the many health issue we associate with aging you can still be active and independent. We see how medical advancements and general attitudes on aging have led to longer more satisfying lives for many individuals. There are a few continuing themes with the individuals, continuing work, strong marriages and exercise in various forms are repeatedly stressed along with socialization and maintaining a positive attitude. The film seems a bit outdated perhaps but in general expresses many relevant issues associated with the aging process. The research done by Lydia Bronte and presented here gives us a new look at the older generation and an eye opener on what to expect and prepare for. As professionals and as society as a whole, the film expresses a need to prepare for more people remaining productive and active longer. The film also shows some of the benefits this age group offers us in terms of experience, economic revenue, and the possibilities awaiting us. I feel the problem of age bias is a real and common issue. The film shows us the importance of the elderly to continue to lead productive lives and feel they are contributing members of society, because in fact they are and should be treated as such. I was really touched by Harold’s comment “I am pleased they still consider you a member of the human race”. I felt that statement along with several others he made showed clearly how people

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