Film Australia Analytical Essay

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I’m Drover. I’m a cattleman and I’ve worked in the Territory for years. I’m my own man, no man hires, no man fires me. Many of Carney’s crowd call me a boong lover but I don’t care. My best mate and brother in law was Magarri. Lord Ashley asked me to pick up his missus from Darwin and take her to Faraway Downs. We argued a lot; she was rather stuck up, but strangely after she sacked Fletcher she asked me to drive her cattle to market in Darwin. I want to talk to you about her and my feelings about Nullah, the other blackies and the likes of Fletcher and Carney The Drive was very long stuck with Lady Sarah Ashley we argued the whole way. When we arrived at Faraway downs, she stormed straight into the house without even saying thanks. I sensed that something might have gone wrong because Lord Ashley’s horse was freaking out, I knew if the horse was stressed cause I’ve worked with them for all my life. I carefully followed Lady Sarah Ashley into her house, not realising of what to expect when my good friend just had died. I felt empty and sad, a tear went down my face as Lady Sarah Ashley started to cry, and she looked at me with the saddest expression on her face. When Sarah Ashley left the room I saw something fishy going on, the shoes in the corner had blood on them but Lord Ashley had his shoes on. Neil Fletcher was one of the most racist people in the whole world, he thinks he is superior to the blacks. Same as Carney folk, they despise them and they despise me also, they call a boong lover meaning an aboriginal lover. They mostly don’t like the half-bloods, half white half aborigine. The next morning I was tired, I heard Lady Sarah Ashley talking to Neil Fletcher. Neil Fletcher hates aboriginals but he mostly hated half cast kids or creamies but he also hates kids to. I went out to see what was going on, I see Nullah yelling something about the big cheeky

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