Film as Door

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10/10/12 Film and Technology Film as Door “If one conceptualizes the cinema experience as the entrance into another world, then the distance that was the basis of the idea of the cinema as window and frame diminishes (page 37, Film Theory).” This quote pretty much sums up my experience with movies and why myself and I’m sure most people enjoy watching film. It’s because it brings us into an entirely new world with all kinds of different adventures and characters. It is a way for us to interact and connect with the movie on so many different levels without actually being there. It goes hand in hand with open scenes. In the film Saving Private Ryan’s opening scene, there are soldiers running by the camera, bullets flying by and explosions going off left and right. It does a fantastic job at making you feel as if you are in a war zone with the characters storming the beach. You get the anxiety of war and feel the sadness of death without actually being there. The concept of door is a way for us to interact with new environments while still remaining safe in our comfortable coaches and chairs at home. While in some instances the concept of door being a gateway into a movie, it can also be used to keep things from the viewer. The screen being used as a door can hide key information or characters off screen or behind the door. This is used to enhance the suspense and mystery of some movies and the characters that are in them. Just as letting us into the movie makes us feel greatly apart of the experience, keeping things from us and hiding them can accomplish the same goal. A very good example of this film technique is in the movie Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. In the film the antagonist, Professor Moriarty, has his face hidden from the viewers for a good portion of the first scene he is in. This adds to the suspense of the movie, because the whole time your
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