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There are four main characters in the film The Tracker, each effectively representing a different aspect of Australian society in the early 20th century. De Heer effectively emphasises this through referring to each character by their role rather than by names, showing each character to be a genre amongst society rather than individuals. The Tracker- the Tracker is the lead character throughout the movie, representing the Indigenous population and the suffering experienced at the hand of the white community. He is a mysterious character as the audience is given no information of his past, and it is at times indistinguishable what side he’s on, leading the group in the footsteps of the fugitive yet allowing him to maintain a steady lead on them. We later discovered that in doing so he The Fanatic- The fanatic is represents the established racist party of people present at the pinnacle of society, firmly believing the indigenous population to be animalistic and treating them accordingly. He displays such characteristics when he ruthlessly murders a group of innocent aboriginals the group comes across, leaving their bodies hoisted up the surrounding trees displaying ruthlessness and abuse of his authority. He shows no morality towards any of the character, entirely focused on capturing the fugitive to the point of murdering the injured veteran. The Follower- The follower represents hope in the future leaders of society. Entering the setting with no previous experience on the front line he is unsure of what to expect and how to respond as various situations arise. This uncertainty is shown when consciously assists the Fanatic in the murder of innocent beings, afterwards collapsing in the arms of the veteran, suffering a solemn realisation of the immoral destruction he has caused. When the possibility arises for a repeat of such racial cruelty he acts to protect

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