Film Analysis: Influence On Vladek's Life

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Daniel An 12/1/14 Mr.Garfinkel Maus Vladek's Influence On page 44 of Maus II, Artie and his therapist, Pavel, talk about how Vladek was an influence in Artie's life. He was seemingly a negative influence because of him trying to show Artie that he was always right . However, in the panels, Artie has mixed emotions over Maus I because it shows a couple of different perceptions that he did not want to show . Despite Vladek being dead, he was still mentioned a lot by Artie. In these panels, Artie shows how Vladek essentially shaped Artie into what he was at that moment. In the top panels, Artie expresses mixed emotions to Pavel about Vladek’s portrayal in Maus. In his first statement, Artie says…show more content…
Pavel starts off by saying that in many cases, children looked up to their fathers as role models. For Artie, though,that was not the case. Artie says that when he was a child, Vladek would try to assert full dominance over Artie and say that Artie would not accomplish as much as he did . As a result, Artie tried really hard to prove him wrong and often argued with him. Now that he became really successful, he felt bad that he proved Vladek wrong because at similar ages;Vladek went through Auschwitz while Artie became successful and famous through the publication of Maus. Pavel then points out that they were both in two totally different circumstances, Auschwitz and Rego Park, and that Vladek might have done these actions because he felt guilt that he survived the Holocaust while many of his relatives and friends died in concentration camps. Due to this guilt, he tried to imply that he was always right to

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