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Love Conquers All Fear The bright colors and friendly, animated voices of the characters, is what makes it almost impossible to take your eyes off of a Disney movie. Even though this film, Finding Nemo, is about fish, the viewers will learn lessons and can relate certain situations to reality. The audience of this film will perceive great things such as the beauty of a fathers love for his son and how far that love will make him go. The biggest audience for it is definitely the younger children who learn things from the animation, which should stick with them forever. Adults on the other hand, appreciate the humor and the underlying messages within the film. In Finding Nemo, a clownfish named Marlin goes on a daring adventure in order to get his captured son back. Nemo, Marlins son, gets taken while doing a brave stunt in front of his friends at school. Nemo’s Capturers take him to live in a tank that they have set up in their dentist office. Marlin has to travel all the way to a harbor in Sydney, Australia to reach Nemo at the dentist office. I recommend this Disney film to families with children or someone that enjoys animated dramatic comedies because of the setting, characters, and theme. The mood of the setting correlates well with the theme the characters portray. The setting takes place in the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean. In the film, Nemo and his father live on the reef in a sea anemone around various fish. All the fish that have the Great Barrier Reef as their home act like us humans in a community; such as, they all communicate with each other and have certain rules. The reef is so real looking because of its details, including vivid colors Ingrande 2 and great scenery. Near Nemo’s home is his school and when he is on a field trip one day he swims off and gets captured. The people that capture Nemo take him to a fish tank

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