Film Analysis: Dead Man Walking

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It is plain to see that this movie is very intents. Dead Man Walking is driven by three main aspects; the moral standings of capital punishment, individual spirituality, and the forgiveness of criminal acts. You can see the changes of these aspects in the characters as the movie plays out. This movie is based off the real accounts of Sister Helen. This provides a more realistic and personal touch to the film. These real world accounts make this film hit harder to the individual. A strong development of change happens to Matt and Sister Helen as the events plays out. On the other side, the victims of the crime stay the same or very little change. Matt is seen as a person with low intelligence and inability to understand the actions he has done. From a…show more content…
Sister Helen shows him that the bible can help him over come his inability to deal with his crime. She makes him see a side of life that is not filled of hate. Matt is able to see that his actions were from his own ignorant hate. Once he is able to open up about him self, Matt is able to trust Sister Helen and learn from her teaching of forgiveness. Matt reads more into the bible and finds that forgiveness is not only for the ones that have been wronged. Forgiveness is also for the one who did the crime. He has to learn to forgive himself. He finally gets to see family and it is a very powerful moment in the film. We truly see the side of Matt that he is comfortable in. He mother is not as hateful towards him as she was in the beginning. Matt is about to talk to his brothers like a true man. Matt being the oldest has to set an example to his three younger brothers. Matt shows strength for his family. He shows this mostly for his mother. He knows that he has broken her heart. Matt wants to show she her that he is okay with what has happened. Matt losses his tough man look as the movie plays out. As death gets closer to him, Matt is hoping for salvation from his crimes. He has
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