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The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold The Film ‘The Lovely Bones is so awesome. At first, there are so many scenes that totally mysterious and full of suspense .The viewers mind will definitely function to think if what is that for? etc..This Film is full of excitement .I salute to Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens who has a intelligent mind to wrote this film with the help of their director Peter Jackson. A great director who is also the director of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. The Lovely Bones is from the one of the best seller 2002’s novel by Alice Sebold. In this film, you will be encounter those impossible things that can’t be happen in real life. The title ‘The Lovely Bones’gives mening as a whole to the film coz it refers to the girl who was murdered by their neighborhood when she was 14 years old,her name is Susie Salmon.The opening of the film viewed Susie before she was born until she grew up. She loves picture taking so someday, she want to be a Photographer.The film starts by viewing the place where Family Salmon throwed their refrigerator while Susie is telling about her before she was murdered . That place has a big role and meaning to the film coz it is the same place where the body of Susie throwed out. The Four sequences that are most important in the film are first, When Susie and Ray set a date then Susie pass through the shortcut in the cornfield .In the cornfield Mr. Harvey is waiting to catch Susie. Unfortunately Susie falls into the trap of Mr. Harvey which is the last goodbye of Susie. Second is when Susie is escaping from that criminal but she can’t .Only her soul escaped but she didn’t know that she is dead. The girl saw her soul running means that she is already dead. She travels in heaven and the past memories are flashback in her mind. Until she met Holly Susie’s best friend in heaven and one of those girls that Mr. Harvey killed.

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