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This article talks about Fiji Water and the issues that they have encountered over the past years. Fiji Waters was founded in 1988 in Basalt, Colorado by David Gilmour. David Gilmour is a Canadian businessman who had a diverse background. One of his avenues was Fiji Water. In 1990, Gilmour was struck a deal with the Fijian government on a 99 year contract to tap an aquifer on the Yaqara Range. In 1995 Gilmour started bottling and selling the water under the brand name Fiji Water. In 2004, Fiji Water was sold to Roll International Corporation for $50 million. Fiji Water’s source was 17 miles wide with a 400 foot deep aquifer. This resided below a volcano and tropical forest. Fiji Water had a two building facility that produced 50,000 bottles per hour, 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. In a year Fiji Water’s extracted over 1.3 billion bottles of water. Fiji Water was one of the larger employers on the small island employing over 400 workers who were higher paid than any other workers making $3.35 per hour in 2002, while workers at other plants made $2-$3 dollars per hour. Fiji Water has an exclusive and expensive image. In Boston, Fiji Water is “129% more [expensive] than Dasani.” The Resnicks, who own Roll International Corporation, had the connection to build a popular brand by their location and who they knew. Soon, Fiji Water was drank by celebrities all around, placed into television shows by their Hollywood marketing firm, even a sponsored golf event. These events made the water exclusive to everyone who saw it and made it readily available in all the local supermarkets and convenience stores. In 2007, Fiji Water came under fire due to the two different agencies felt that their single use product was “wasteful and environmentally harmful.” The reason these agencies felt this way was because Fiji Water was wasting environmental resources like gas and

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