Fiji Water Essay

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Fiji Water Management 350 Fiji Water Fiji is one of the fastest growing bottles water companies in the market. Fiji has succeeded due to quality product, but also due to the image created. High-end, healthy, artesian water sounds appealing to consumers because consumers are ever concerned about health, and with the hustle and bustle of daily life Fiji’s packaging creates a relaxed attitude. The simplicity of Fuji water helps the brand to remain strong and keep from being diluted among competitors that offer far more than just water. Buyers of Fiji are buying much more than just water. Consumers are buying what they believe to be the highest quality water, filtered naturally and containing key minerals. This water is hyped to be better for the consumer and to have a better taste than competing waters. Fiji markets health benefits to the drinker along with the imagery of an instant tropical vacations to the Fiji Islands. By partnering with many prominent resorts and restaurants, Fiji strives to isolate the brand from other more ordinary waters. Fiji trains buyers to appreciate the quality of the water it sells and accept a higher price for better quality water. “Fiji water has successfully translated this luxury experience into everyday retail purchases.” (Landi, pg. 5). Fiji water appeals to consumers on many different levels. The core benefit of Fiji water is that it offers a key element for human survival; hydration. Animals need water to survive and Fiji offers clean artesian water devoid of toxins to hydrate the body. The second level of Fiji water, or the actual product, focuses on the unique features of Fiji water. Fiji uses a square bottle, has a catchy island 3D label, and is naturally purified through volcanic rock both purifying and adding key minerals to the water. Fiji augments its product through relationships
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