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Fiji Water and Corporate Social Responsibility- Green Makeover or “Greenwashing”? FIJI Water was singled out as a primary example of “water insanity” due to the fact that the product was shipped from a remote island in the South Pacific to its main markets thousands of miles away. In response to this protest, the company launched a new promotion campaign under a slogan “every drop is green”, only to be immediately accused by environmentalist groups of engaging in Greenwashing activities. At the same time, the company’s relationships with the FIJI government were tense and not healthy. The government accused FIJI Water of transfer price manipulations and seized hundreds of containers carrying FIJI brand water. Then, the government tried to taxate FIJI’s activity in the country, being followed by Fiji’s pressures over the workers, showing the government that Fiji had an important contribution to the local communities. The concept of this product was to bottle Fiji natural artesian water and sell it both locally and internationally as a unique and exotic product. As it would be expectable, the sales in the domestic market were relatively very small comparing to the international sales. Its strategy was to circle around capturing international market opportunities and strongly positioning the brand in large and emerging markets for bottled water, but in ones’ that would favour the extremely high quality of the brand. The first and major market to conquer was the USA. It was, indeed, a successful incursion by Fiji in this market, mainly because of a skilful marketing strategy and the high quality of people who drove the initial marketing campaign, as the personnel were effective in differentiating the brand name/quality. Building an image of the high quality, uniqueness and class of the product was another aspect of this successful marketing campaign. After the

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