Figurative Language Essay

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FIGURATIVE EXPRESSIONS MOSTLY USED IN WILLIAM WORDSWORTH’S POEM OF NATURE Dewa Made Wiadnyana Jurusan Non-Reguler Sastra Inggris Fakultas Sastra Unud Abstrak: Makalah ini menganalisa tentang kecenderungan penggunaan majas yang muncul dalam tiga puisi William Wordsworth yang masing-masing berjudul “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, “The World Is Too Much With Us”, “A Whirl-Blast from Behind the Hill”. Teori yang digunakan adalah teori Interpreting Literature oleh K.L Knickerbocker dan Willaiard Reninger (1963), NTC’s Dictionary of Literary Term oleh Katheen Morner dan Ralph Rausch (1991), dan terakhir dari buku yang berjudul Meaning-Based Translation oleh Mildred Larson. Data diklasifikasikan dan dianalisa sesuai dengan jenis majas yang ditemukan dalam puisi, yaitu personifikasi, hiperbola, paradoks, simile, kiasan, metafora dan metonimi. Dan majas yang paling banyak muncul adalah personifikasi. Penggunaan personifikasi dalam hal ini memperkaya dan memperindah puisi-puisi William Wordsworth yang kebanyakan mengambil tema alam. Kata kunci: Literature, Poetry, Figurative Language 1. Background of Study Literature is created based on human consciousness and imagination. It is a form of human creation that departs from reality of life; it can take form of a story, a play, or a poem. And language is the medium for the writer to create his imagination and can also be the medium of the literature. Poetry is one of the literary works. Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choice so as to evoke an emotional response. According to Knickerbocker & Reninger (1963: 307), poetry is the hymns of praise, and the essays on the nature of poetry would cram the selves of any modest public library and overflow onto the floor as well. Good talk about poetry is nevertheless rare, and even the best of it will rest lightly

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