Figurativ Rebellion In The Hunger Games By Gary Ross

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The Hunger Games Imagine if you lived in a world, where you were thrown into an arena with 23 other contestants, and only one person comes out. Well this is exactly how Katniss; the protagonist, feels. In this great film, directed by Gary Ross, it is a futuristic setting, in which people now live in districts that used to be North America, which is now called Panem. Katniss and her district is said to be located on the eastern border of Panem. In The Hunger Games it tells a story about a girl Katniss and she has to goes through, in which a way she just has to discover herself, also to show that the government has control, they hold a competition in which children compete against each other, and only one victor comes out. The reason the government does all of this is because they want to show the people that they have control over them, and they can’t do anything about it. Collins has created an outstanding novel, which also received an award for one of the best books of the year. Her purpose for writing this book was to diffuse…show more content…
The Capitol wants to have the feeling that they are in control, but Katniss keeps doing things harmlessly (most), and throwing off the Capitol. First off, you aren’t allowed to travel beyond the fences, but Katniss goes in the woods mostly every day, to hunt, and support her family. Her mother isn’t able to support her sister and her, because all the time she looks depressed, because of the passing of her husband. Another act of rebellion would be how Katniss wore the mockingjay pin, signifying a respect for Rue’s death. The Capitol sees this as very deadly, because usually, no tribute has respect for another when they are deceased. And a last act of rebellion that was recognized, was when she and Peeta was deciding to “eat” the Nightlock berries, so if they did, the capitol wouldn’t have a tribute, as a victor then they would be truly

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