Fighting Through Life

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Roberto Herrera Mr. Sim Barhoum English 100 December 7, 2012 Fighting through Life We live our lives day by day without realizing that every day is a battle. These two metaphors “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and “fighting life” relate in the way that both express the hardships and obstacles one must go through on a daily basis in their lives. Our entire lives we must keep fighting and adjust it in order to survive in this world, those who live are those who fight. We must take every opportunity we get in life and make the most out of it; we must turn bad situations into good ones. Most important of all we have to realize that if we love our lives we have to fight for what we want and there is no other way. If we believe in life we must take in consideration the opportunities and evolvement in ourselves. Daily in our life we all face obstacles and hardships whether they are physical or mental. We can’t think of a life without any difficulties because no such thing exists they all come as nature to us. These two metaphors explain that we must go through some situations that may require some great effort from us in order to accomplish. A simply way we can think about this as well is barriers we have in our path that we must have to come across. We got to have the ambition to go through these barricades and not give up to them. Our purposes in life depend a lot from us to be accomplished. Everyday life brings us opportunities that can help us improve our lives depending on the purposes each one has. We have to take in consideration that some difficulties that come across to us are not easy to get done but at the end they will pay off. For me being a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps I come across numerous difficult tasks that don’t only apply to myself but also the Marines subordinate to me. I have to use my leadership skills and make
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