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Daniel Witulski Persuasive Essay “I fought the law and the law won” lyrics from a song sang by a variety of artists, one them being Bryan Adams. I am sure you are all wondering what that song has to do with you. The song is not what is important here. The thing that is important is the topic of this speech and that is “juveniles are being tried as adults, is that right or wrong? This relates to you because all of us in this room were considered juveniles at some point in our lives. And I myself have been tried as an adult at the age of 17 in the courtrooms of Omaha, Nebraska. The purpose of my speech is not only to inform but also to persuade you to see that juveniles should not be tried as adults, even though some think otherwise. There are a few things that I would like to cover throughout my speech and those things are:Being tried as an adult, Being tried as a juvenile, and The cons of a juvenile being tried as an adult. The first main point that I am going to discuss is being tried as an adult. Being tried as an adult is far different than being tried as a juvenile, especially when you are between the ages of 12 and 17. According to Laurence Steingberg, adult defendants are more mature, competent, responsible, and unlikely to change his or her way of life. People who are prosecuted in adult trials are likely to receive a life time sentence to jail or in some states, the death penalty. The second point that I am going to talk about is being tried as a juvenile. Being tried as a juvenile is sometimes more effective than if a juvenile is being tried as an adult. According to Jeffrey Fagan, the juvenile court system has the ability to transfer a juvenile delinquent to criminal court, which is also known as adult court. Being tried as a juvenile can result in the delinquent being suspended from school and/or social life, or being sent away in hopes to

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