Fighting Conditions In Vietnam

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Fighting conditions varied for the opposing sides. The Americans & the Australians had harsh fighting conditions compared to the Vietcong. The Vietcong belonged to the North Vietnamese Army, but lived in the South to the fight the Allies. They were highly trained in guerrilla warfare. This type of warfare involved setting booby traps, ambushes, and hit and run missions. The Vietnam War was a war that began in 1949 – 1975. At the time Vietnam was split in two; South Vietnam & North Vietnam. It was also a very between ideologies. Communism versus Capitalism. The South Vietnamese were Capitalist and the Americans supported them. The North on the other hand was Communist. In 1955 the Americans sent 300 military advisers to Vietnam, but by 1968 a full army of 500’000 was sent to be involved in the war. Australia followed, and sent its army to Vietnam to show our alliance to the United States. The North Vietnamese ended winning the war due to its cunning strategies in utilising its terrain and its highly trained Vietcong. In the Vietnam War, the soldiers of all sides fought on one common terrain. This terrain was an advantage particularly for one side, and a massive downfall for the other. Vietnam was a very small country. Its terrain was mostly made up of thick jungle, steep ranges. The country side was littered with small villages that made it difficult to avoid inflicting casualties on civilians. Even though the marines (American soldiers) were highly trained and had superior weaponry compared to the Vietcong. They were disadvantaged in this war. The marines weren’t trained for this terrain, and weren’t trained to counter the strategies of the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese. The terrain was mostly jungle, jungle which was hard to navigate in and infested with booby traps. This made life in the jungle torturous. The Vietcong hid in the jungles and in
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