Fightclub/Identity Essay

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Sheenthesloth for antiessay 10.05.2010 I am Jack´s Complete Lack of Surprise The idea of a constructible identity is roughly 150 years old and passed through diverse stages, from the disintegration of ascribed roles to the downfall of social institutions like the church. Simultaneously the vast and complex development of society brought with it a wide variety of possibilities as well as problems that can be found in the multiplicity of choices in the identity construction. This incorporates a new perception of gender and gender roles, family structures and a wide range of job possibilities. According to Wolfgang Kraus, we as a subject are facing a difficult chore in constructing our identity in a way that stands it´s grounds in tangible social situations, and the way to do it is through narration. It is the telling of our past in the present that defines the future, depending on how we are perceived by others and how much we can find it in ourselves to reinvent identity until it becomes intrinsically coherent. The philosopher Paul Riceour describes the narrative identity as something that can only be achieved after one connects his life to the story through critical doubt, based on “ all the knowledge acquired in the past few decades concerning narrative, a knowledge which appears to distance narrative from lived experience and to confine it to the region of fiction” (Ricoeur 20). In the following text, we will take a look at the popular movie Fight Club and the intersection that lies in the concept of narrative identity, how it is explained in theory and executed in this movie. The focus and main theme is a splitting of the psyche caused by the excessive demands of society to become the best that we can, but never succeed since there are too many different spheres of

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