Fight Club Narration Cine 105 Essay

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this film is presented through the perspective of its unnamed protagonist ("the everyday man"). it is presented to the audience as a story that had already took place by the omniscient narrater. It starts with the concluding scene of the movie therefore allowing the rest of the movie to eventually build into it. the narrater then gives us some of his back story and he begins to put the scenes in order to help us understand how the film reaches its conclusion. i feel that the film doesn't necessarily break this perspective to show something the character doesn't know. i mean in a way or course he wouldn't have known Tyler Durden was part of his imagination at the time but as an omniscient narrater he had already experienced all of this therefore leaving him with no room for surprise. however i did catch a short interesting scene where the film breaks perspective to explain who Tyler is using direct address and completely addressing the camera and audience for only one scene. In the scene the narrator goes into detail about Tylers part time job as a projectionist and in a way almost interview themselves asking questions to the audience such as: "why would anyone want this shit job" and then answering these questions themselves therefore explaining Tylers sick motives . Tyler even goes as far to directly point out to the audience what a "cigarette burn" is in sort of an educational matter. this film uses narration for a gigantic portion of the movie. as i mentioned earlier he is an omniscient narrater and the film uses a short example of direct address. the film also incorporates first person narration as well as voice over narration throughout the entire plot. these elements of narrative are crucial to the films plot. Without narration we would have absolutely no idea what was really going on in the protagonist head therefore we really would have much of a

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