The Fight Essay

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“The Fight” I have three questions for you today. Do gays deserve to have laws in place that protect them from discrimination? Do they also deserve to have the same rights as anyone else? Do “ Gays” deserve to be treated as second hand citizens? Well Our country has a long history of discriminating against people for any reason they can invent, whether it be the color of your skin, The way you chose to worship, or for sexual orientation. Just to name a few. And with every passing day people find a new reason to hate. I want you to think for a moment, Is there anyone you hate for any reason at all? Think about why you hate this person or people? If you think you hate no one your lying to yourself. We as humans where raised to hate and discriminate. Which brings us to our first question. Do Gays deserve to have laws in place that protect them from discrimination? If there where more laws in place to protect the “Gays” we would see many different changes. Such as a happier work place for them because they wouldn’t spend so much time and energy hiding who they are. Their work - ethic could increase, they could become more positive functioning members of society. They could also stop their own self-hatred. Hatred that society has psychologically instilled in them as well as our children. This may raise questions though. Would that mean we have to deal with their disgusting public displays of affection? Would they flaunt who and what they are if they didn’t fear discrimination we give them day to day? Well we seem to share our affection in the public eye, and flaunt who and what each of us are and what we become. But should they have the same liberty to do so? Which brings us to yet another question. Should the “Gays” have equal right like the rest of us? If we

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