Figeuroas Framework Analysis

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The cultural level of Figeuroas Framework includes a society's belief, values and attitudes which are the product of factors that include the social groups history, culture and ethnic background. In this assignment, we will examine how the cultural level of Figeuroa’s Framework can affect my future participation in Touch Football. The idealistic notion that every Australian has the same opportunity to pursue the physical activity of their choice is unrealistic because society puts up barriers. These barriers can be strengthened by cultural attitudes that reinforce existing practices, limiting equal opportunities. Because of this, I will not be playing touch in the future, as Cultural identity, socialisation and stereotypes Australia's sporting identity is strongly linked to Figueroa's frameworks cultural level. Our cultural attitudes and beliefs affects…show more content…
Some factors influencing socialisation can include family, peers, schools, government, media, religion, ethnic background, gender, socio-economic status and age. However, my main socialising influences are society's beliefs and media. Family beliefs can be affected by society's belief which is why my parents are not very fond of me playing touch football or any sports in general. This is because the social group they tend to follow have a general consensus that playing sports can obstruct the potential of any future academic achievements. Because of this, I predict that any future involvement in touch football will be limited. A study conducted by the Australian Institute of Sports found that most school students aged from 12 - 16 have a high rate of participating in sports. However from the age of 17 - 22, the rate drops significantly and gradually decreases [2]. This may suggest that many of these people have higher commitment to academic studies and do not have the time to participate in any further club
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