Fifth Year Essay

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5th Year Information Booklet 2012-2015 [pic] Telephone: 820 7863 Fax: 820 9867 E-Mail: Table of Contents 3. Introduction 4. CAO Points 5. Higher Certificates and Degrees 6. Managing your time 7. Study Habits 10. Guidance 12. English 14. Gaeilge 16. Mathematics 21. Religious Education 22. Applied Maths 24. French 26. German 30. Spanish 32. Japanese 35. Geography 37. History 40. Biology 45. Chemistry 47. Physics 49. Accounting 50. Business 52. Art 54. Music 58. Home Economics 60. Construction Studies/Architectural Technology 62. Engineering 63. DCG 64. Physical Education Hartstown Community School Senior Cycle Information Booklet Introduction Welcome to Senior Cycle and to the start of a two year course of study leading to the Leaving Certificate. It is a time of change - change of class groupings, change of subjects, change of expectations especially in terms of the work and commitment required to successfully complete Senior Cycle. Most students get a shock in their first few weeks of Senior Cycle - shock at the change in level from Junior Certificate, shock at the work demands by teachers in what students consider should be an 'easy' year. It is true that the pressure is on from the start as teachers try to emphasise the amount of material that must be covered in about 18 months of class contact time. For many subjects long essay style answers have to be produced at exam time and these answers require constant practice and revision of answering techniques. Subject Choice: Choice of subject at this stage is very important as this may be decisive later on in determining which course or careers are open to you. It helps greatly if

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