A Fifth Chapter to Gulliver's Travels

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A Hypothetical Fifth Chapter to Gulliver's Travels Gulliver’s travels end with Gulliver lamenting against pride. The irony is that Gulliver is full of pride. Having adapted to the ways of the Houyhnhnm, he sees himself as superior. This is unfortunate for his family. In a sense, Gulliver’s identity has been shattered, and he refuses to acknowledge the humanity in himself. Chapter Five starts five years later. Although Gulliver is pretty stubborn, I think five years is a good enough approximation of the amount of time it would take for some boredom to settle in. And since Gulliver doesn’t like introspection, he’ll start to feel uncomfortable. The desire to travel will return. He will do it alone this time because he wouldn’t want to be stuck in a boat with Yahoos. He won’t get far before a storm takes him. He’ll wash up ashore on an island that appears devoid of anything, as if he’d landed on a vast, marble tile. There’d be modest vegetation, a few trees here and there. The island would look infinitely flat. It would represent his current personality. Gulliver would walk for two days before finding any water. He’d happen upon a small lake, and dying of thirst, he’d drink many cups of the water. Once filled, he’d have to find food. So far, he hadn’t seen any life. That in mind, Gulliver would begin his walk back to the shore, where he’d have to spend hours upon hours trying to capture fish for food. For months, he’d walk back and forth between the lake and shore, filling himself with water and raw fish. Because of the lack of visual stimuli, he wouldn’t be able to engage in precise descriptions of his environment. There’d be nothing for his awareness to cling onto but himself. Fortunately for Gulliver, he would eventually find civilization. It was there all along. He just couldn’t see it. One evening, he’d feel a breeze. The air would be curiously hot.

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