Field Work Paper

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Pinki Chaudhari Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation Prof. Liz Salinas Reaction Paper Field Work Paper I volunteered two days a week during the spring semester on Mondays and Wednesdays. While finding out how a nursing home operates, and seeing concepts discussed in class, I had fun working. My “on the job” training under the direct supervision of qualified professionals within my local community provided me with an invaluable opportunity. It was really very innovative experience working with the activity director, Monica Hunter and recreation director Jeff Brown at Gracy Wood II nursing home, located at Metric Blvd. Jeff Brown showed me how to conducts therapy sessions to improve patient’s mental and physical well-being. He also gave me an idea as how to serves geriatrics type of clients and organizes plans in the facility. The most amazing and innovative part was when he taught me, how to assist people of all ages who are challenged by varying degree of mental and social disabilities. In general, I learned that once a patient’s needs are assessed, therapeutic recreation specialists work with them in goal-oriented programs and document their progress along the way. They observe the programs and activities closely in an effort to monitor the patient’s progress. My fieldwork required me to be “flexible” with changing patients, times, a problem, etc. I was taught that one should know the facility and communicate with the people around as I am responsible for my fieldwork experience, not my supervisor. Jeff Brown told me that my field wants someone who is an active listener and the one who is open and receptive to learning new things. My fieldwork experience gave me an opportunity to apply my knowledge which I gained in the classroom. At
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