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Biology 1 28th of September, 2011 Field study report Introduction: Investigating: How different biotic and abiotic factors affect the biodiversity of organisms in two different areas. One area, which has been grazed by cattle which have been affected by a biotic factor such as us humans, and another which is a grassland park which has not been affected by us humans. Hypothesis: My prediction is that there will be more plant diversity by the grassland area because in the area where it was grazed by cattle there were more herbivores, and because we know how the food chains work, we know that herbivores need plants to feed on so there would be less producers (also known as: plants) so therefore the biodiversity of plants would decrease. Materials and methods: A quadrat, thermometer pH- meter and moisture meter (same instrument, but measures two things) canopy cover, random number generator (to avoid being biased), and a moisture meter. To avoid being bias one should use a random number generator and use two random numbers off the paper and walk that amount of steps. One could also throw the quadrat behind their shoulder so they could in no way choose where it lands, but this is dangerous because it could hit someone so it is not recommended. 1. As one has taken the random number of steps, they place the quadrat over the area and start doing what one feels most comfortable doing first. As we were five people in our group, it was easy to get it done fast because we all did one thing. 2. To be concise of how light affected the area, one would have to stand over the quadrat whilst holding the canopy cover and counting the squares, each square representing one percent. If there is nothing blocking you to see the sky then there is 100% light affecting the area, if 25% of the sky you see is blocked by trees then only 75% of light is falling down on the

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