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Field Observation The following field observation was conducted in order to examine and analyze an instructional lesson for evidence of the four models of teaching: behavioral systems, information-processing approaches, personal development, and social interaction. Teachers observe lessons to gather evidence about how the instructional activities affect student learning and thinking. “The most important long-term outcome of instruction may be the students' increased capabilities to learn more easily and effectively in the future, both because of the knowledge and skill they have acquired and because they have mastered learning processes”(Joyce, Weil, & Calhoun p. 6). The field observation consists of four components: the setting, instructional materials, analysis of the observation, and a concise summary. Setting The observation was conducted in the Learning Center. The Learning Center is a program implemented to service certified and “neverstreamed” students in grades K-6. The Learning Center staff provides direct instruction to students and consultations to teachers, parents and support staff. This team is made up of Special Education teachers, the school Psychologist, the Speech and Language Therapist, in addition to the Title I teacher and site Administrators. Students are removed from the general education classroom to work with a teacher in small groups, normally consisting of 4-5 students for 1-2 hours per day. The instructional lesson observed was a language arts lesson which focused on reading comprehension and vocabulary development. The small group consisted of 1 African-American boy, 1 African American girl, 1 Hispanic boy, and 1 Caucasian boy. Students are seated in an area free from distractions. The group was seated at a small kidney shaped table, with the instructor seated in the middle. All unnecessary materials are eliminated from the table in

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