Field Analysis of Roles and Competance of Education

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Final report Prepared by The School of Education, Training and Development University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg Private Bag X01 Scottsville 3201 November 1998 Executive summary Research questions Since 1997, four key policy documents on teacher education, training and development have been produced. These are: COTEP Norms and Standards for Teacher Education SACE Code of Conduct ELRC Manual for Developmental Appraisal NDOE Duties and Responsibilities of Educators Collectively, these documents define employer requirements, provide frameworks for professional development and appraisal, define professional conduct, and specify duties and responsibilities of educators. In South Africa there is a dearth of knowledge about the details and texture of daily activity in schools and classrooms. There is thus a danger of policy development that takes place without a firm grounding in empirical school-based research. We accordingly posed three questions: 1 2 3 What does policy say that educators should be doing? What are teachers actually doing? What is the "fit" between policy and practice? It was believed that the research would provide a view of: 1 2 the internal coherence (or tensions) in the construction of teacher roles and competences in the four policy documents; consistencies (or inconsistencies) between policy and practice. This grounded view of the interface between policy and practice had the potential to provide useful insights into: 1 2 methods of conducting research in this very challenging and complex area, the design of programmes for teacher development. Research design Research instruments were developed concurrently with the analysis of the four policy documents. The result was the utilisation of the 6 major roles adapted from the Norms and Standards document: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mediator of Learning Administrator Pastoral Role Designer of Learning Programmes

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