Fidel Castro Under The Imperialist Regime

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Fidel Castro “El Maximo Lider” Have you ever thought about freedom? Maybe you had, but maybe you live in a country where you can enjoy the feeling of being free. This type of feeling is something that Cubans dream to feel; however, they are tramp under the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Castro had submerged Cuba under his rules and policies. Cubans live in a “big jail” where they can’t even express their selves freely nor travel to other countries. Fidel Castro Ruz who born on 1959 on the Oriente providence of Cuba being the son of Lina Ruz and Angel Castro who was a farmer. Castro grew up working on the sugar plantation of his father. Castro went to the University of the Havana where he studies civil law and was involved in many movements to over throw various regimes of dictators such as Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo in Dominican Republic, the so called Bogotazo in Colombia and of course the regime of Batista in Cuba. Fidel first try to defeat the dictatorship of Batista by the legal means, but there not much that he can do, so them he opted to form a militia army. In 1959 about fifty years ago after defeating a 30,000 professional soldiers Castro declare his self as “the…show more content…
Even though Castro over threw the Batista Regime and it dictatorship and free out Cuba from it, he should be remember as an infamous person because he later again submitted Cuba under a dictatorship depriving Cubans from free of expression, taking away their rights to travel out Cuba, and committing a lot of

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