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Fidel Castro Alden Stacie In 1959 Castro took control of Cuba by force and remained its doctoral leader for nearly five decades. Castro was a well educated man who went to law school, and studies politics. The United States wanted Castro out of power. Over the next four decades Castro ruled Cuba as a dictator. In 1945 Castro began law school and quickly became involved into politics. In 1950 Castro graduated law school and went to court with Batista (the current Leader in Cuba) he failed in court and he tried it by violence. He got arrested at the Monacan Barracks where it didn't work and got captured and sentenced to 15 years in jail, 2 years later he got released. He kept doing guerrilla attacks and succeeded in large number of volunteers. Castro using guerrilla warfare tactics he attacked Batista's forces over and over taking town after town. Batista quickly lost all of his popularity and suffered numerous defeats. The United States wanted Castro out of power. During 1959&1960 Fidel Castro made lots of big changes to Cuba including nationalizing industry, collecting agriculture and seizing American owned business and farms. During two years Castro ignored the United States and formed strong ties with the Soviet Union. Castro transferred Cuba into a communist country. The United States wanted Castro out of power. In one attempt to get rid of Castro the U.S. had sponsored the failed mission of Cuban Exiles into Cuba in April 1961(The Bay Of pigs Invasion)Over the next few years the U.S. tried hundreds of thousands attempts to assassinate Castro but none of them had success. Over the next few decades Castro ruled Cuba as a dictator. Meanwhile other Cubans adored Castro's educational and land reforms, and on the other hand other Cubans had lack of food shortages and lack of personal freedoms. Since then 100's of Cubans fled to

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