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Fidel Castro Fidel Castro was the prime minister of Cuba from 1959 until 1976, after this he was the president of Cuba. Fidel Castro, who was one of six children, was born in Cuba to a wealth sugar plantation owner. Castro was well educated, receiving much of his education in private boarding schools, and later attending the University of Havana. It was during his time in college that shaped Castro’s political, national, and social views. Castro had many different views on how to shape Cuba. His views ranged from helping the poor to a stricter ruling over the people. Many people see Fidel Castro as a dictator, they only see things like the Cuba missile crisis, his ties with communism, but there was a different side to Castro that many people didn’t see. Castro had a passion to help the poor. Under Castro’s regime, he helped create a better school system for Cubans. He also created a universal health care system. These are just a few of the better things that Castro did. Castro also did other, not so popular things, civil liberties where whittled away, newspapers where shutdown, and force was used on people that opposed his regime. This led to many people fleeing Cuba and coming to America, mostly to Miami. The large amount of Cubans coming to Miami has shaped this city into a very diverse Latino community. Castro’s accomplishments and failures are just one aspect of his life. Castro was a charismatic leader and had a very big larger than life personality. Some of these qualities showed in his leadership of Cuba and the good things that he did for this country. Castro had great visions of creating a wealthy and strong Cuba; this vision gained him support from many people. Though Castro was a charismatic leader he had other qualities that where not to desirable to the people of Cuba. Castro didn’t like anyone that criticized him or questioned his authority. He

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