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Fidel Castro’s Role in the Cuban Revolution The Cuban Revolution was the revolt against the government ruled under Fulgencio Batista, the previous Cuban dictator. This movement was led by Fidel Castro who began his movement on the 26th of July 1953 with a group around 100 poorly armed civilians. Batista was overthrown on 1 January 1959, and his regime was replaced with Castro's new, revolutionary government. The revolution brought much pain and turmoil to the people of Cuba. Before the revolution a series of corrupt men ruled Cuba. The revolution happened during a time in Cuba when the majority of the native Cuban’s barely had enough money to live. People would work in the sugar fields which, granted, was a very well-paying job during the sugar harvest season, however, the workers could only work in the fields for four months a year and as the sugar seasons ended they were forced to take lower paying and more degrading jobs. Soon enough, people didn’t have enough money for the basic necessities such as food and the citizens health deteriorated rapidly. Batista took control of Cuba in 1952 and did very little to improve the countries conditions. In the late 50's Castro began his revolt against Batista with Guerilla warfare and Batista left Cuba’s capital. Castro appeared to be the ideal man for the job of restoring order in Cuba, but later on Castro buckled into America’s idea of communism and he aspired to make Cuba a communal state. However the other party members did not agree with his left wing approach and were forced to exile Fidel Castro. There were many causes that led up to the revolution in Cuba while under Batista’s rule. The people of Cuba could see through his false promises and saw what he was doing to their country. The Cuban citizens were unhappy with what was going on in their country, the casinos, the brothels, the exploitation of young girls

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