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Fidel Castro Not many people can step up for the position as a leader let alone be an effective one like Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro was a lucky child growing up. He had a wealthy family while most kids were barefoot and lived in hovels. He wore fine clothes and had plenty to eat (Schlesinger 17). Fidel Castro throughout his life was able to change so much for the better in his country and the people he impacted, this shows how much an effective leader he really was. Many people don’t know of him as Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, but this is his full name. He was born on August 16th 1926 (“Fidel Castro”). Fidel Castro had two brothers growing up, Raul and Ramon Castro. Fidel was educated at the University of Havana located in Cuba. Castro was always interested in helping people out, especially the peasants. He wanted to help so bad so Castro went into law and politics. After his years out of college Castro wanted to start a movement against the current leader who he greatly disliked. Fulgencio Batista was the leader of Cuba and formed dictatorship (“Fidel Castro”). In Mexico, Castro met a man Che Guevara (“Cold War”). They formed a movement called the “26th of July Movement” (“Cold War”). He led an invasion on the Oriente Province in Southeast Cuba (“Cold War”). They had failed at that, and Castro was jailed along with his brother. While Castro was in jail he studied political, philosophy, history, and literature (“Fidel Castro”). Not until fifteen years later Castro was granted amnesty and fled to Mexico (“Cold War”). Fidel Castro may have had an easy life as a child but faced many challenges on his journey to leader. Fidel Castro faced many challenges to become leader, but the main reason he came to power was his visions of equality for all Cuban’s (“Fidel Castro”). Castro knew exactly what he was doing and how to get people to like him. Castro knew how to be

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