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Fidel Castro takes over Cuba Fidel Castro took over Cuba in July of 1959. Fidel Castro was born in Cuba . His fatter was from spain and he had 5 siblings. He went to a Catholic boarding school and spent most of his young years at that school. Intel he started law school in 1945 from there he got very involved in politics and joined the Caribbean Legion. This was a group of political exiles from all over the Caribbean countries. This group wanted to rid of dictator led Governments. He never did do anything because of different things. After graduating law school Fidel Castro became more interested in politics he was a candidate for a seat in the Cuba’s House of Representatives but the election was canceled and General Fulgencio Batista took over the Cuban Government. Castro fought against Batist but He was unsuccessful and started a group of rebels to take down Fulgencio Batista. On July 26th 1953 Fidel and his brother Raul and about 160 armed men attacked one of the biggest military bases in Cuba. They were faced with armed soldiers and 60 of the rebels were killed but Raul and Fidel lived and were captured and taken to trial. They were sentenced 15 years in prison but they were let out early and got out in two years instead. Castro when released went to mexico and started another group he planed to attacke Batista again and when him and his men stepped on to cuban soil they were met with bullets and almost all of his men were killed him and his brother lived and went on to making another group of men. This time the group of men he picked were abel to make it to a town in Cuba and there Castro started his take over of Cuba he went from town to town getting people on his side and gaining more power. On January 1 1959 Batista saw that he had no more supporters and that Castro was coming for him so he ran from Cuba and Castro was abel to take over. During

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