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Ken and Barbara identify a number of competitive advantages that they believe FIDA has. Do you agree with their assessment? In your posts, I want you to be specific -- identify a particular competitive advantage stated in the case and argue for or against it. You can look at more than one competitive advantage in your posts. The journey of two entrepreneurs, Barbara and Ken Wilson, and their efforts to establish a new venture in the business of conducting private investigations is the subject of this case. The early success of the Fraud Investigation Detective Agency (FIDA) and how its two principals utilized their distinctive competencies to develop the firm's competitive advantages are described. In this case there are several competitive advantages of Barbara and Ken’s company FIDA were identified nicely. I strongly agree with their assessment. I think that Ken and Barbara’s strong knowledge of the industry that makes a competitive advantage on how they efficiently run FIDA. They tried to develop a marketing plan to expand the company's market without denigrating the business from existing clients. They believed that their understanding of an insurance company’s internal procedures was more important than a law enforcement background. They knew from personal experience insurance industry claims adjudication processes and what evidence risk managers sought to successfully prosecute a case of fraud. Barbara and Ken know the services each client expects. I strongly agree with FIDA’s method because it is important to educate your workers on the external forces in the industry that can affect your business Another competitive advantage is that risk managers want to deal with agencies that will be in business over the long time. Most of the PI agencies fail each year is due to poor management, but Wilsons have the ability to run a successful business and attract risk

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