Fictional Dialogue About Abuse in the Welfare System

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Many people in the state of California are on public assistance. This includes but is not limited to: government housing programs (Section 8), food benefit programs (WIC, CAL Fresh), medical insurance programs (Healthy Kids, Healthy Families, Medi-CAL, Medi-CARE) and income programs (Disability insurance, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, TANF, and CALWorks), and how solving these problems may create other financial problems for the state. Samantha: You know what irritates me? Anthony: What is it? S: I dislike how you think that it’s ok to be so passive to world events sometimes. It’s unfair because you criticize people for the situations that they are in, such as the people who are on public assistance, and you never thought about their struggles. You only see how their need affects you in a negative way. A: Some people are just lazy. They don’t want to get up in the morning to look for a job, so they take the easy way out. S: Some people ARE like that but others are 100% trying and doing all they possibly can to get through, each and every day, and sometimes it just isn’t enough. A: Oh, you mean like my mom? S: No, not exactly like your mom, even though she is doing all SHE can, she still has a 22, a 21 and a 19 year old living at home, and they just get by every day not doing anything. A: Explain, because that’s kind of rude. S: Gladly. What I don’t think is fair is that Claudio, even though he has been to the army, and any place HERE would hire him, because he has advanced military training. He’s into mechanics and all that technical type stuff. Sabrina is very young, and I won’t say she should get up, and work two jobs, but she should look for a job, and be going to school. And Eric, I just cannot stand the fact that he has a son, and is on probation for theft and has never had a job. He has no aspirations whatsoever to support his child.
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